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Suggestion: social media fields on profile that convert to icon, instead of ICQ and outdated fields...


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Can we get social media fields on profiles that convert to images, a FB image to click to the user's FB page, YT channel... etc. Like websites do. It could have a Social Media header, icons under. The user just adds their link.

Not many of these are relevant. 

AIM <-- people use?

MSN <-- wow

ICQ <-- I don't think one member has this filled in

Yahoo <-- meh

Jabber <-- never even heard of it

Skype <-- okay maybe



Oh the ability to add more than one website URL as well.

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29 minutes ago, Colonel_mortis said:

On a fresh install, none of those fields are there - they only exist because you've upgraded from 3.4. You can configure which fields exist under profiles in ACP.

It would be nice if you could pick icons for them though.

They were there when I posted this in Oct, I clicked edit on fresh install and they were all empty and I copied and pasted them. Glad to see them gone but now let's get some social fields that convert to icons like modern websites have, that would be great!

@djpretzel Agreed.

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