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More programming languages in the editor


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Yeah I've been digging into the templates and additional JS code, it seems they build more languages to be available, but when I added them to the CodeMirror build the entire code editor is broken, but it doesn't look like the CodeMirror was modified by IPS itself and I've been using the same exact version 5.8.1... why is it always have to be so hard :P

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47 minutes ago, Mark said:

Thanks - but I don't believe that completes things as the code dialog box doesn't list the additional languages, as far as I can see.

Scratch that - all good now, browser was playing silly buggers with the clearing of the cache and not doing it fully. Thanks Mark....exactly the same steps as I was doing yesterday....damn browser throwing off the scent.

A note to all readers: Mark makes a very important point in step 4 - you need to make sure you keep codemirror.js (very first entry in the list) selected. If I remember correctly, yesterday when I was going through the above the result was a spinning circle on the code prompt and it would never finish loading. If you see that behaviour then you didn't select codemirror.js so repeat step 4 onwards again.

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