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ip.pages Fields Type - matrix and stack

Ali Majrashi

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2 really important field type that are missing in ip.pages 

  1. matrix 
  2. stack

they are supper important when you need to store repeated value in one field like stack type field 

or when you need to store more than one type and repeated value like matrix for advance use you can see other CMS have it already and they are flexible and easy to use 


Matrix is a powerful field type that enables a new level of content flexibility in Craft. It’s great for times when you need to store repeating content, or string multiple types of content together.


also IPS4 already have those Types in it's core

i'v been playing around with plugins to convert some fields into stack and i was able to convert it easily i'm not sure why they are not ship by default


but i failed to get matrix working in front end since it's only work in admin control panel 

imagine you are creating cars database where your staff insert company name-images-general info and all their cars with specific info for each car in just one record with few fields only

you can use this field type to reduce the amount of required fields per database since in one field you can generate any field type and insert repeated value per entry 

please add those fields type into ip.pages that can open new creative way to create databases

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here also another example how this can be useful in building pages and databases in front end for users input


and here how to achieve it in expression engine 


super useful field type that can save space and database table fields per database when you need repeated value with different field type to be inserted in on field 


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