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Can't you make it easier to change the header background?

The Old Man

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The ability to upload cover images is fantastic and has really improved Calendar and Blogs. However it seems like a large oversight not to be able to easily upload a new header background for your theme without Admins having to search forum posts for the right custom CSS code, trial and error etc.

At this stage in IPS Suite's development, we should be able to quickly upload a replacement background/cover image that will look good on the responsive layouts.

Please can you give this some consideration? It would be a huge help.

Many thanks.


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Your browser most likely has a function which allows you to see the HTML/CSS elements of any page you browse (right click). There is no need to search the forum in order to find a certain element.


Also backgoundimages are something more advanced. If you put something in there it might look good on 1024x768 but terrible on 1680x1050.

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