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Manage Validating Members

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Not a big thing to me. You should know what's best for your community. What's New in Version 3.1.0: Added a widget setting to admin decide who can manage validating queue: if only admins o

Adriano - UPDATE - thanks to AndyF the Moderator CP in the ACP was disabled (I assume from my old 3.1.4 board and carried over to the upgrade). Enabled it and all is well!

About This File This plugin allows you to conveniently manage (approve or ban) your validation queue from the public side, if you use Administrator validation or Email and administrator vali

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@Adriano Faria Great plugin!

Feature request:  would it be possible to also add a "Delete" as an option (in addition or instead of "Ban")?

At our forum (99nicu.org), we delete registrations from people who are not eligible for a membership (instead of banning).  So with your plugin (just purchased it 🙂 ) we still need to log in to the AdminCP and delete registrations we banned at the front-end. As our idea with this plugin is to reduce the need to log in to AdminCP, it would be great to be able to Delete directly at the front-end.

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I manually validate forum accounts after they've gotten past CleanTalk and email validation, because spammers will still get through.  If it's an obvious spammer, I will just Delete the account, so glad to see you added that option. 

I am about to move from 3.4.8 to 4.4.x.  I have modified my 3.4.x ACP so that when validating members, I can click links to: 

  • Search Username in Google
  • Search Username at StopForumSpam.com
  • Search IP in Google
  • Search IP at whatismyipaddress.com (example, https://whatismyipaddress.com/ip/ - shows geographic location and if a known proxy server is being used.
  • Search IP at StopForumSpam.com
  • Search email address in Google
  • Search email address at StopForumSpam.com

I'd buy this plugin in an instant if you add this functionality, especially as it would save me time having to jump into the ACP to validate users.  Even better would be one link that opened all of the above in separate tabs (not sure how possible that is).  Here's what this looks like in my ACP (blurred out the username, email and IP)..  


Thanks in advance for your consideration! 

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Hello Adriano,
Yesterday I bought and installed this plugin.
Have also given my group the rights to do so.
Now a user is in Validating and the widget shows nothing and reports that it needs to be configured.
How can the error be corrected?
Plugin version: 3.2.1
IPS version: 4.4.9

Best regards

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Which kind of validation do you use? If you use Email and administrator validation, it will only show up after the user validate the email first. 

I use it on my live board and validated a couple of accounts today earlier. Seems to be fine there. If you think everything is right and still not showing, send a PM with ACP access. I’ll take a look tomorrow in the morning when I reach my PC.

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