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When will IPB support start using public private keys?


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We are working on it -- we need to create a method that allows you to submit them that is secure yet still easy for technicians to use. An extra 5-10 minutes tinkering with SSH keys adds up when you're working hundreds of tickets per day. 

We don't use SSH passwords - we use keys exclusively, but we have a special system that securely manages them - in fact, only Charles and I have direct access to keys. So, we recognize the importance of "getting with it" but at the same time,  we would need to incorporate such a system for clients before we're comfortable handling your keys. At this time, it would simply be attachments in the ticket and would require technicians to download and use the keys "locally" (their terminal services desktop) from the ticket and there's not a lot that's secure... or convenient about that. 

We'll come up with something, but it's not on the short list of priorities. 


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