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Gallery Picture Embedding


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I dont know if this has been mentioned before ( I could not find ) but seems in IPS4 gallery picture embedding is changed. Previously we could embed pictures within posts and it could be view at full width within the post frames but now it seems only a preview is shown


Edit : Or even not shown at all :D ( In it is shown as below )


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4 minutes ago, Joel R said:

If you use the direct link, then it will show as the "rich snippet" with the thumbnail.   

That is what I jave tried above but it did not embed the direct link

How can I use media embed ? We dont have a button for that anymore ( at least not here ) ..

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1 minute ago, Joel R said:

When using the Insert Image from URL, try to use the direct link to the jpg.  

For example, right click on your image to find the direct link.  Don't link to the IPS display image template.  

That is something I can do but we are talking about users, not admins :) . Previously as far as I can remember, there we "share links" that users could copy the direct link but now we dont have that anymore. Besides browsers have different naming for copying the links. Hard to explain to users..


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In vB I had a box which showed the link as bbcode and as a normal link, I made the same thing for IPB3, because I missed it there. A quick modification for IPB4 would be this:

<strong>Picture URL:</strong><br />
					<input type="text" value="{file="$image->masked_file_name"}" onfocus="this.select()" dir="ltr" size="30" style="width:300px" />

looks like this:


With one click in the box you select the whole link and users can just copy it. The code needs to be inserted somewhere in the image template. In my quick try I put it right above <section data-role='imageInfo'> but there might be better places for it.


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