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Background Processes on new upgrade


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I am running a test upgrade on my board and so far everything is looking good but I do not undertsand the ACP here...


What are all these processes? Are they upgrade routines that continue to run on a new upgrade until they are complete?

Does the new board fully function during this time?

They do not seem to be progressing, with many still at 0% a few days later.

There is a link "to manually process them" and at the moment it is at  Processing RebuildPosts - IPS\forums\Topic\Post - 323213 / 609409

Once this is complete is that when the other processes will kick in?

Thanks for any explanation on this point, I was not expecting further processes after the upgrade had ran and the new board seemed to be working... :)

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These processes are cleaning up your posts and other things around the community for IPS4. The community is completely usable during this period but posts/data/images may look weird until these finish. This process is also very resource intensive so your community may seem slower than it will be.

If you do not have cron enabled, these tasks only will run when someone is on your community. Alternatively, as you are doing, there is a manual option that will run the tasks till they are done while that browser window is open.

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