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A polite padding request for us fat thumbers


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With the reluctance to make topic links go to the first unread post or even a admin setting which some users would absolutely love you for, may I request on behalf of the fat thumbed forum users we get some padding for the dot to take us there like 4.0 had. 

I've barely used the Unread Content page on here as it's still really slow to load, but taking a look today and trying to use it is so frustrating. 

If you miss the dot and hit the title, swipe back the page reloads and the topic disappears leaving you pretty much screwed trying to find where you were up to. 

As you can see from the screenshot of my forum, I've got large topics which would be a nightmare and the members would want to hang me by my delicates! 

I've got members in their 70's using the forum and we all know that when you age your thumbs and ears get bigger, I'm not concerned by their ears but their thumbs I need to look out for. 



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