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Site not working with MS edge

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I'm using default skin and have a problem with the frontpage on my forum. It is only the frontpage thats not working - all the other pages are fine. In other browsers are fine - except that some android devices have problems..

I have tried something is not working - and have filed a ticket - but I would like to ask here as well in case anyone has seent his problem before. My site is http://fjellforum.no




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12 minutes ago, Jim M said:

You may want to look at removing any 3rd party elements such as Advertisements, Plugins, Applications and just go with the default to see if it appears. Right now I see several 3rd party ads, etc... on your community.

I have tried that several times to no use. The only app that I do not have fully closed down is Spamtrawler. I have that add-on lurking in behind and I will try to shut that one down as well..

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