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Problems during install


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I recently downloaded the ''-version of the IPS Community Suite. I've copied the files to my ftp-server. During install I encounter a problem. After the 'Administrator Account'-step, I just get an empy screen. Nothing more than whitespace.

Because it's a test version  I've used my license key with  '-TESTINSTALL' behind it. And I try to install in a subdirectory 'Test'. So like www.domain.com/Test.

Does someone know what I'm doing wrong?

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Are you doing a fresh install or an upgrade for your test site?

If its a fresh install - Try reinstalling a fresh copy.

If doing a 3.4.x upgrade try following this - https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/407405-upgrade-from-ip-34x-to-ips40-updated/

There have been times I received a corrupt copy during transit. Not so much an IPS issue but a transit issue via my IPS - Internet Provider. Downloading a fresh copy usually fixed my issues.

I hope this helps

Happy Upgrading! :smile:

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Moved it How? and Where?

If you moved location then you have to submit a ticket with your reason why and where you moved it to have the License tracker cleared.

The tracker will expect it to be in 1 location you have preset with the original install attempt. Any new location after will flag the tracker and halt the install.

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A blank white page is 99% of the time a php error.

Connect via FTP or your hosts File Manager. Look inside /uploads/logs for any error logs. :)

Also, (depends on your server configuration) you might actually find a php error log just in the webroot (public_html) just titled 'error_log'

Hopefully this will give a clue as to the cause without resorting to manually adding code to force it to throw the error out.

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1 hour ago, Makke said:

In '/uploads/logs' I only find an empty index.html file.

I don't find an 'error-log'-file.

Hmm. OK.

Open /init.php , after the opening php tag line add this:

ini_set('display_errors', TRUE);


Try it again. Does it now throw any errors ?

If not go to your web control panel (Cpanel etc) and look at the error log for anything relevant to this. :)

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4 hours ago, sipofwater said:

Every blinking time for me, it's because I haven't updated the permissions!  Have you checked to ensure they are setup correctly?

Have updated your conf_global.php to point to the new test location?


Which permissions? Because when I read the documentation, the only thing I can find is:


Installing is very easy on your own server. You may wish to use our requirements checker to be sure your server supports our software before proceeding.

  1. Download the Suite from the client area under Your Purchases. The system will generate a zip file with all your purchases in it.
  2. Upload the contents of the zip file to your server in whatever directory you wish the home page of the Suite to appear.
  3. Go to /admin/install in your web browser to execute the install routine.

From here the install routine will test your system to be sure it meets the requirements and inform you of any issues. It will also tell you if any directories need their permissions changed (chmod) on your server or any other changes that need to be made. The only other technical information you will need is your MySQL database name, username, password, and hostname from your web hosting provider. The install system will prompt you for all this information as you step through the process.


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Id' suggest asking your host for the error logs if you can. At least that way we can determine the cause of it if there's nothing present already to help. :)

Have you uploaded the requirements checker just to be sure your server specs are OK ? You can find that here:


Remove when done. :)

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They should add what permissions need to be applied to what files/folders in the installation document.

Permissions aren't my forte.  This is what was sent to me in a support ticket:

Change file permissions to 777 on the following directories:


If that doesn't work, the other change I made was to the owners of the files & folders.  

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