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How will the converter handle custom vBulletin 3.8 bbcode if IPS uses the same code, but in vB it is custom not stock? For example, I have custom spoiler and media tags, and they work exactly as they do in 3.4. So will the 4.1 converter (when ready) process them? Or is there some option in the converter? I can't afford to have the converter simply ignore them, it's a very old forum and these are crucial.

I have these custom codes that work just like they do in IPS.

[media]youtube URL[/media]


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I would think (or hope) when it ran the background tasks after conversion, if the bbcode was one that IPS recognized, it would process it. Basically taking the raw text of the post and recognizing the bbcode (not knowing what software it came from, just recognizing it because it is the same in IPS), and process it. Am I wrong? Not talking about bbcode which doesn't match IPS code. I am going to delete those.

Or is it something I could have done in a support ticket if I did the conversion and needed those to work if they didn't? The code brackets would still be there.

Thanks again.

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4 minutes ago, Ryan Ashbrook said:

Actually, in your case, it would be picked up by the parser as it is the same as the 3.x tags.

Brilliant! That is what I needed to know. Thanks! Should I delete the actual bbcode from the admin cp before converting or does that not matter? Don't know if, with the bbcode active, if it trying to call the code for it will will interfere, or if the converter will just look at the post body text. Thanks so much!

And when the 4.1 converter is ready this will still be picked up correct?

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