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4.1 messenger suggestions


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We really need to search and sort by participants, I have this issue in 3.4 and still in 4.1. How do we find a conversation with a user? If I know the username and use the search box it does not search participants, it will only come up if that username was mentioned in the body. Also sort would be good by participants as well, if we don't remember the exact username (or a type-ahead that brought the name up as we typed it in search). A "Participant search" with that function would be awesome. A radio button to search body or participants.

I also do not need to see my user pic in the message window, it makes finding messages hard if I am the starter or last replier. I suppose if you added the above function it would take care of that, and using that image would be logical, but as it is now it's really hard to find certain messages. Participant search/sort would be great.




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