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Transferring Community to a New Server


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I found this guide https://www.invisionpower.com/support/guides/_/maintenance-and-server-configurations/transferring-community-to-a-new-server-r20 for Transferring Community to a New Server. But it seems to be out of date. Is there a new guide? Or can anyone write down the steps I have to do?

My situation is that I want to deploy local developed IPS board to a server but there are some problems with the file url's and caching files.

The Data Storage Method is MySQL and Requirements are OK except cURL (not allowed by host):

You do not have the cURL PHP extension loaded (or it is running a version less than 7.36) and the allow_url_fopen PHP setting is disabled.

Suite version is

What i've done:

  • exported sql dump with all tables from local env and imported to server.
  • Deleted all files in datastore dir (except index.html and htaccess) Deployed all files from suite (include the uploads/ dir) and
  • adjusted the conf_global.

At the moment some Files could not be loaded because some links are broken (path from local env) and it is not possible to login a user (frontend OR cms) (even no feedback if username / password is wrong) but the user exists in database.

I need urgent help

Thank you!

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If files are not being loaded you'll want to check your Path in ACP -> System -> Files -> Storage Settings -> Configuration

For login issue, I'd suggest running the Support Tool to ensure that your database is OK. (ACP -> System -> Support -> Something isn't working correctly)

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