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Display Format in Profiles


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On the suggestion of @bfarber I am posting this as a suggestion (and I'm going to add a suggestion to it as well that I've asked for before).

Currently the functionality of "Display Format" is, imho, broken. You currently cannot use things like "text" or "URL" fields and be able to display them without the data being preformatted as stated here:

The problem with this is that it means that you cannot "format" the output because IPB is already doing something with the content so when you output it, it's already formatted (a link is already linkable). While this is awesome because previously it didn't do this and may work out for some people some people, like myself, need a raw output so that we can format it in the way that we want. If I have a URL I may not want this long link to appear:


I want it to say:


With the fact that IPB converts it into the following link pattern by default:


So I am forced to display the full link instead of the method I would rather:



Now I know that what you think then is that "Just use a text instead of a URL" well Text is equally as broken because it adds in <wbr> automatically parsing those in the output content so this is also not possible.

Suggestion 1: The TLDR version of this is that I believe there should be a way to parse raw content in the "Display Format" so that custom setups are possible. My recommendation is to add something like {content|raw} like many other areas have so that you can get the raw data and be able to display it in the manner that you want.

Suggestion 2: Give us a means to be able to format custom profile fields in the profile without having to custom code the profiles, for the most part I would likely want them to be the way that they are in the topic but not always.

Suggestion 3: Allow for Profile categories to have a setting to be a custom "tab" in the profile. There are certain custom profile fields that I would love to put into a tab in the members profile so that it's more organized instead of this big long list down the left side. With my community they can get pretty lengthy for certain "information" fields that we give them.


Thanks for listening. <3

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