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A few Commerce suggestions and possible bugs?

Michael Weekley

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So, for the last month/two months I've been fooling around with IPS4 and mainly Commerce.

Now, I love the direction its gone since IPS3, modernized and updated for "web 2.0" and such.

But, I feel the commerce solution is still a bit lacking and many would still consider it just a plugin, instead of a full commerce solution.

Before you grab your pitchforks, hear me out!

Grid and List views for categories on the main page. While the grid is nice, sometimes simple Text and a category pic would look better.

New/featured/recently purchased items carousel; again.. Very nice but a list could look great too.

"Symbolic Links" to items in different categories. For example, say I'm selling a Pokemon T-Shirt in the clothing section, as well as a Pokemon Videogame in the videogames section. Let me also make a Pokemon Category that shows all of these items together, a lot of solutions have this kind of feature and use it for stuff like "Show me <Manufacturer>" "Related Products" the latter already existing to a degree, but only visible once already checking out. Being able yo make categories that share items could work well for people that want to say, sell items from multiple categories that match a specific theme, or franchise, or character.

A store search. The search function doesn't list products, also I feel a commerce search should be restricted to commerce itself as to not show results from the forum and pages etc. Let people search the store for products.

I feel we should also be able to select whole categories when making coupons, as well as relating items to one another. One way this could work is allow the selection of categories, but if an item is in there that we don't want, also having a "restricted" section that the coupon will ignore.

For example, if all games are 50% off except "These two new games" then we add those two new titles to the restricted area and the coupon doesn't work (and notices the customer.)

What do you guys think? Asking too much?


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