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Page Builder Column/Block Customization

Bernabe Guerra Jr.

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I had posted on theme design support with no response, if you all can delete that post at https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/421376-page-builder-columnblock-customization/.

Perhaps it could be a product idea!


Considering it's current awesome functionality in IPS 4.0, Is there currently an option to drag and drop and/or build a desired column block widget layout?

Or am I missing this option somewhere? If it is, this will definitely help out on how I want my page, portal layout. In wordpress, there's a plugin named Visual Composer that does this feature.

If it's not, this would be a huge plus in IPS 4.0 to build templates, at least for me it would. Would save a lot of time trying to build a good visual template page layout, i.e. 3 columns varied by size etc..



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While I would never want to discourage IPS from pursuing this kind of idea, I honestly don't foresee it happening (but then again I'm not a developer).  

Most of us would be content with the same blocks and filters from v3 at this point. It would be a stretch to ask them to offer more premade widgets and templates since they've never shown interest in releasing more templates in the past.  

What you're asking for ... An open-ended visual composer ... 

Welcome to IP.Pages.  

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