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[This site] "Unread content" doesn't work correctly


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I've been testing this for last few days to make sure it's some kind of bug.

Normally I visit this site once a day after work which means I should have more or less 24 hours of unread topics/posts.

If I simply go "All activity" the list is correct. It goes back roughly 24 hours.

If I go Activity>My activity streams>Unread content the list goes back only few hours (3, 4, or 5 depending on a day).

For last few days I did NOT visit this site between last evening and this evening.

Something is wrong somewhere.

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18 hours ago, broni said:

Posted the above 10 days ago and there is no single comment from IPS staff?

Will unread content eventually work or is it some useless option?

If you suspect a bug, please be sure to use the bug tracker. If you have a technical issue, please use the appropriate forum. If in doubt, you're welcome to peruse the client lounge.  Posting technical issues in the feedback forum is likely going to lead to delay.

Like chilihead, I can't reproduce this either. I'd also ask if you're clicking "load more" ?

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