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Why blue dot if we have not read yet? 1st unread is 1st post, only needed if has been read and has new post, then it serves as marker instead of being on every new post.


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The removal of dot on new content would let us know what we've read and the dot means has new content. Visually much better than having it on all new posts.

If a topic is posted it is bold if unread, and has the blue dot, to got to 1st unread. In the forum this just takes you to post #1 as you have not read it. Is the blue dot really necessary? In the stream also, unless it is a post entry and not a topic (it is useful to get to the first post instead of the newest, serves as a "go to first post" in this case. But that is not its purpose. Could easily have a "got to first post" dot in this case or keep the functionality in stream.).

I see it as redundant and also, if you just use it for content you have read already that has new posts, it's a nice marker to let you know you have read this topic before and it has new posts. and the dot takes you there. To the eye you could see what you have read and where to catch up. The way it is now everything new has a dot. Removing from new adds an easier way to catch up on content we were reading, and isn't that the point of it?


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