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Sideways pics

Square Wheels

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Some users, in particular iPhone users, have all / most of their pics post sideways.  I put in a support ticket and they claim the users are incorrect and they are actually taking the pics sideways even though they claim they are not (I may have taken a little artistic license with their response, but they said there is nothing they can do to help).

Is there a way to get their pics not be sideways?

Here is a selfie example, clearly the user was not lying down when she took the pic: http://squarewheelscycling.com/index.php?/topic/25806-dirtyhip-is-most-high/&do=findComment&comment=235030


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Yes, I have noticed this but didn't realise it was related to Iphone users but this makes sense.

All the members of my 4.0 site, who suffer from this are indeed Iphone users and it doesn't happen with those who use Android mobiles but I have seen it happen on both Apple and Android tablets.

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4 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

From my android,  definitely not sideways.


Works fine for me.  The above post was from my phone.  Took the pic while in the post.


Oops, merged posts.

No, this happens on my site - I assumed it was just a bug.

Some of my sites members have reverted to making the size of the images smaller, which seems to be sort of a fix. I haven't noticed anything here, just my community.

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