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Remove/Edit Mobile Forum Description

Solomon O'Neill

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Hey peeps, is there anyway to remove or edit the forum description on the mobile display?

The text can create alot of space when the display is minimized and i think it would be really cool if we could some how edit the description on the mobile display seperatly, or remove it all completly?


-Many Thanks



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11 hours ago, Jim M said:

Can utilize our Responsive frame work to accomplish this in a template, can read more on the framework here: https://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/advanced-usage/theme-and-design/targeting-mobiletabletdesktop-screens-r139/

Strange, I cannot find hidePhone in the CSS framework* yet it works for me in my themes without specifying the display type. 

Also to add on what the guide does not tell you: Other display types to be used in conjunction with the responsive framework*:  ipsResponsive_inline OR  ipsResponsive_inlineBlock

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