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State of apps from the marketplace in 4


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So far I'm batting one in four.   The other three apps I have bought bring my site down if I activate them or don't work.

Going let these cook post 4.1 for four months or so before even looking at them again.

This is a recent upgrade from 3 to 4.  Not sure if something could be lurking in the shadows causing problems.   I wouldn't know where to even look or start.

Do others experience this kind of trouble with apps in the marketplace?



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It's a general question wrt to apps.

I'm not really complaining or anything, I just figure with a new platform there is a lot to learn and things are/were changing pretty fast with the updates.    I am also wondering if there is something wrong with my upgrade/installation as this seems unusual

Don't really know where to start as everything works fine otherwise.

17 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

This topic has absolutely no sense, sorry.

If you have any problem with resource, you need to search for support. You won't get nothing here.

I thought I put this in Technical support actually.

I'm just wondering if anyone else had any broad problems like this that point towards the install, before I ask something specific.

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@socceronly Not to mention the lack of information given about which apps you are having issue with in marketplace.

If you are having trouble with a particular product you need to contact the author.

If you are having trouble contacting an author then you need to contact a marketplace moderator.

I am not looking to step down on you or criticize but your post is extremely vague where a semi tractor trailer can drive through.

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I wasn't trying to be a dork.

Sorry about that.  It was just a general sort of question.  The devs are all great and very helpful actually.  I was just wondering if it's a bad idea to install lots of apps, as conflicts are surely to arise or something along those lines. 

It's all new, and i am not in a rush, so i was just going to let things cook rather than bother people right before a major upgrade.



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