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Donations in Commerce


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23 minutes ago, ZakRhyno said:

Why is that? Let say you want me to make a donation in Commerce via paypal, well I hate paypal and never sign up with them. As a customer why would you limited my choice to one type if some options would be better idea?

Oh, you're right for sure.  But that's not the issue.

We sell trips in addition to other stuff  Legally you have to be a certified travel agent to sell those, so we are not allowed to collect the money.

I have payment gateways that go to different companies.

This could also be useful for people that need to direct funds to a specific account or a 3rd party.




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I agree (strongly) with @socceronly on the payment gateway situation. I'd like to see it like a store item where we can specify payment methods.

In our case we often have events and subprojects for which we process payments and often allow "pay by check" -- we used to set up a payment gateway of "pay by check to organizer" to let project organizers handle orders and whatnot until they turned their project receipts over to the treasurer at the end.

When I first set up donations I was horrified to see payment options for things like "pay by check to banquet chair" etc. Yikes.

Now because of the donations situation I can only have one pay-by-check option (directly to treasurer) and it has injected confusion and hassles into the process of managing disparate club activities. More work for the organizer; more work for the treasurer; more work for me (ironically, since you'd think it would be simpler).

I would also like to be able to separate out donations goals. The current block seems to be all or nothing.  I don't wish to report one fund's donation progress on a page devoted to an event's page where I would like to report donations specific to that event, etc. 

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