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Qustion about upgrading Pages with the new Relational Field in 4.1


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Hi IPS Team!

Since the relational database field was missing in 4.0 and the relational Data did not get converted when upgrading from 3.x I wonder how you guys handle the Upgrade to 4.1 where the relational field makes its comeback.

From what the upgrade script itself shows you seem to upgrade from whatever version of IPS Software is running through the major releases all the way to the most recent one.

So going from 3.2 to 4.1 is not a direct upgrade. It first upgrades to 3.4, then to 4.0 RC1, then RC2, then 4.0, then 4.1. (or something like that)

Will the upgrader for 4.1 recognize that there are relational database fields in use or is the relational database field in 4.1 a completely new one and the old data is lost?


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30 minutes ago, Matt said:

If you upgrade 3.x to 4.1, relational fields are preserved. We removed the code that removed the data in 4.0.

Superb, thanks! Does the new relational field offer the same functionality as the previous one? I am unsure what is meant by the "simple" part of "Simpre Relational field". Is the connection made from both sides?

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