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Content items only, please show last poster pic, not starter, like search and messenger...


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There is no last post column in the stream like in 3.4 so the pic shown in "Content items only" is the pic of content starter. So in "My Content" it is just a list of my own pic, and I know I made the post, that's what the stream is, it would be much better to show last poster like you do in search, messenger, and "Content items, comments, and reviews."

When searching topics the list shows the last poster.
In messenger the pic is last sender.
In stream and author search, no.

I think the last poster pic should replace starter, since there is a lack of a last post column. I can see the benefit of the starter pic but the lack of last poster column makes finding things harder and becomes redundant when looking through our own. 

The stream is not a great tool for My Content, as if you choose "Content items, comments, and reviews," it shows comments/replies others' made in my content, not me. The "See my activity" link from the profile works much better, as it shows my topics and posts. When I use the My Content stream I expect results I have made, but I know this is just the default stream with filters, so it is not the best for this imo. I will likely use something else.

Is there a way we can create a menu link to the "See my activity" page of a user's profile? The user number is in the link, so we can't grab it from the browser. Thanks


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The information can be better served than pages of our own pic and the star. There is no more last post column so it needs to be integrated. 

If you show the last poster pic in A, the star does not become redundant (as in, of course we posted in our content) and you show additional information without taking up space.

Then in D you show the last activity dates which then makes sense with the header "Today." Otherwise this looks like a bug that it shows old dates under Today.

Just like browsing the forum where you see the star, your title, and the last poster image and date on the right, but in this case it would be on the left. "Content items, content, and reviews" works this way, but not "Content items only." It becomes redundant with less information than can be served in the same space. 

This used to happen in messenger and now it shows the last sender's pic and it is much easier to find what you are looking for.

It would be ideal to have all the info, before we had both, content stater info and last post info, so this suggestion may not be perfect but I feel the last poster info needs to be better integrated and at least by changing the pic no extra space is needed. Or you could do updated date on right with a mini pic of last poster even smaller than that one.


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