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Anyone interested in a grid/list view switcher?


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I've been looking at this for days and tried making it work with ips.


I succeed in getting it to switch but i had issues with changing the looks of both views, im wondering if anyone has achieved this as i would really love to overhaul my articles section and this would be great!

Tbh this should be a default feature because its so easy to do yet powerful. Especially with pages. having something in the store like this would be good too.

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6 minutes ago, Netherlord said:

Im glad im not the only one.

I have a messy non-jquery workaround version here but its far from perfect, 2 pages and several custom blocks.

So it would be cool if it was standard, or if someone could figure it out and do a tutorial!

well I think that on your site looks great but if have got that with lots of "messiness" that you mentioned then that's a real shame as I cant do things like that.  So I would like to have same effect with something easy to do especially for a non tecchy like me. And a thorough tutorlal would be great yes!

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