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[Idea] In Commerce we have the ability to link items in purchases, but!

Michael Weekley

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What would be really cool though, is to allow an "up to" total for certain purchases and be able to associate categories.

For example, lets say someone wants to sell a subscription every month of a box of 3 games/movies/toys.

Main item is the box for 19.99

-Its associated with the category 'Games'

-- Initial purchase allows your customer to select X titles (And it affects the main stock of the item)

-- User selects more than X, error "Sorry this offer isnt valid for more than X items" or something like that. Same if its less than X, "Please add an item"

When renewals come up, the renewal isn't processed until you select your X items.

This could also be cool for sales on a per purchase basis too, say you're running a sale. "Buy any 5 for X.99" 

The basic functionality is there, but we don't have an option to limit how many items can be bought for the sale discount. It only has the 1 or more option, a just 1 option  not a "No more than X total" option.

You can kind of accomplish this by making a sale discount association for every single item, but again it would apply to every single item. If the limit is 3, they could still get the discount with the 4th, 5th, 6th etc etc item. We need a rule that if the limit is X, it stops. No more.

For example, up to 5 items can be combined for the discount. The 6th would then be regular priced. or 10 would have the discount placed twice, unless you cant use the discount more than once.


Edit: I made an example of what I was trying to explain, lol



But, the general idea would be to have any of the above affect existing stock.


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