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When pasting YouTube links...

Michael R

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19 hours ago, Michael R said:

to get the video to embed using the link, I must remove the "s" from "https".

It's a little annoying and my users have no clue. Is there a setting for this?

While everyone else says that it works fine on their forum, let's try to figure out why it doesn't on yours ;)

When you paste a url in, an ajax request is sent to the server to retrieve information to display the video. It is the server, not your machine, that is retrieving the content.

Open up a web developer console and look at what the response is when you paste in the url and press enter. I can reproduce your issue easily by stopping my server from accessing youtube via port 443 -> which means that https links will fail and the following will show in the response in the console:


"Failed to connect to www.youtube.com port 443: Network unreachable"

If I then block port 80 (http) then the following appears:


"Failed to connect to www.youtube.com port 80: Network unreachable"

If you see the above, then look into why your server is blocked from accessing youtube via port 443.

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