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Unable to Create Announcement


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I just installed on my test site. I was running 3.4.8 and we had an existing announcement. The existing announcement showed up fine after the upgrade. I deleted it and now I want to create a new announcement, but the announcement edit box doesn't display. The only options I have are the media insertion options at the bottom. Here's a screenshot of the announcement dialog:



Is this a bug in or have I configured things incorrectly? I followed the instructions in the guide here.

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5 hours ago, tnn said:

Have you tried clearing the cache for starters?

Yes. The only way I've found to clear the site cache is through the Support option. I have also cleared the browser cache.

3 hours ago, pmflav said:

Does this only happen for the editor in announcements. Have had a couple of instances of this happening, but only from something i did, then reversed it.

Ie. Including javascipt site wide from another party killed it. Using some compressions killed it.

Regular posts and threads seem fine.

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23 minutes ago, pmflav said:

Have you tried it using the default theme?

That's all I have.

I can't drag blocks from the Block Manager either. I get the drag cursor, but it just selects the text and doesn't drag the block. I've tried with Firefox 40.0.3 on Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.10.5. My IPS 4 experience isn't going well so far! :(

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Not since upgrading, although I had made some customizations to the default before upgrading. I am running cURL 7.35, so I'll try upgrading that. If that doesn't help, then perhaps I should just blow everything away and try again. Next time I'll revert the default skin to the original before attempting the upgrade.

Thanks for the replies everyone!

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