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Lightbox - Scroll trough images


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Hi there,
if I open a image from an album within the lightbox I can't scroll trough all images.
In fact the lightbox isn't showing the other pictures but the gallery is. So pressing your arrow keys will make the gallery load another picture but if you have already opened a picture within the lightbox nothing will happen. The picture will change because the gallery site reloads, but the lightbox doesn't.

Is there a fix for this bug?


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20 hours ago, Joel R said:

What version of IP.Gallery are you using?  

Also, from what view are you opening up the image?  (Is it from the category view that shows the albums + images, or is it from within the album that shows images)

thanks for your reply. I'm using version

It's within the album (gallery/image/##-picturename) by choosing a picture and selecting "show in lightbox" as view option.

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