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Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error


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i have created  sub domain name and i move my forums there  which im  receiving  this error 





You don't have permission to access /admin/ on this server.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


why this error ?

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yes i have setup the subdomain from cpanel  

i have removed the  .htaccess   and i still get the same  



20 minutes ago, AndyF said:

Is your .htaccess OK ?

You've setup the subdomain in Cpanel etc OK yes ?

That error does look a bit like a mod sec type error as its both a 404 and a 403.

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I would normally recommend adding this temporarily to the .htaccess file:


SecFilterEngine Off

Note this can make it worse (but you already have an error) this is likely to generate a permanent 500 ISE but it may be worth testing to see.

Remove it if its worse / no better then contact your host, show them the original error you have and tell them you think its possible a mod_security error. :)

They may be able to add a quick filter to stop it doing that. It does initially point (imo) towards some hosting related issue though.

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37 minutes ago, GULFJoinery said:

I have  set the 


puplic_html  to  777 it was  750 


and i removed all the .htaccess from every where  and its work already  


so  do i need to retern nack the .htaccess  and  what i should add inside ?

I would tread carefully about setting public_html to 777; it allows more permissions. 

Could you see if it was only the .htaccess by returning public_html to 750 and leaving out the .htaccess? Then you can decipher what is causing the issue in your .htaccess if that is the case.

A next suggestion would be to go to System -> Search Engine Optimization -> Rewrite Urls, and copy and paste the .htaccess code into an existing blank or working .htaccess file in the root directory. (The downloaded copy blew up my website but copy and paste was fine.)

Remember you can change everything back...

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