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cPanel access is crucial


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...as I learned yesterday.

My site went down and it stayed down for several hours and I had no idea what happened.

I opened emergency ticket and eventually the issue got fixed thanks to IPS support which I appreciate.

However this whole situation could have been avoided saving my headache and IPS staff time had I access to cPanel.

What happened according to IPS support was this:


you were 1GB over your quota on disk space, so the software could not write caches to disk..

At this point we don't have any access to cPanel and there is no way to check what the current disk quota usage is.

I've been told that the only way to find out is to open a ticket. That looks to me like a waste of of everyone's time.

Something must be done to give us some access to cPanel..

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We stopped doing web hosting years ago. cPanel hasn't been available in a while - what we provide is more along the lines of a Software as a Service - you shouldn't need a hosting control panel as ideally, we handle every aspect of the "hosting" behind the scenes.... that's why our platform is so stable. 

With that said, I definitely think we should show that disk usage information in the client area and I will work on that. Thanks for the feedback. 


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I would also suggest warning emails when you are approaching certain limits. Nobody wants to keep watching the dial and email notification is a very simple function which can alert both IPS and the client as to an upcoming issue -- and avoid problems like this from happening well in advance.

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