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Emergency ticket on weekend


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Just now, Lab Rats Rule said:

It took 13 days for my critical tix to be resolved.  LOL..  I just looked, it was suphp in my case.

Wow, yeah that's why I'm worried about this release version and the issues I keep seeing. 13 days is a long time :sad:

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16 minutes ago, tnn said:

Yes, I would definitely do a service announcement in a new thread so that others may benefit and be able to add and or ask for more information. Then, those searching for suphp, database and other terms (when the search gets fixed) will easily find this. 

I also learned that 4.0 is very strict about which user uploads files.  With 3.0, if you accidentally uploaded something under root you may never know the difference,  With 4.0 you forum will fall apart and how depends on which file you edited and uploaded.  You have to use your cpanel user.  You must!!!!

The fix for this is to download the offending file/files and upload again as the cpanel user while overwriting the old edited file/files.

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Emergency hosting tickets are handled right away in most cases, in this case it was due to you going over your quote, and the system couldn't write files as it exceeded it's quota.


This was resolved however, I would suggest some deep breathes next time perhaps though, it's a website, not a pacemaker or heart transplant, nobody is going to die while it's being investigated. ;) 

Contrary to the above post, you will not wait 13 days for a critical ticket, critical means your site is down or offline, and not usable. 

Lab Rats Rule if you are still having issues, please file a ticket, as we mentioned in your other ticket however, we also use suphp, and do not have your issues, your issues were specific to your hosting configuration, a standard suphp setup wouldn't be affected as your site was. That was resolved long ago however, if not please let us know by submitting a support ticket if needed.

Thank you




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