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Need ACP option to exclude individual subforums from VNC


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Our forum has a small group of members who enjoy playing Word Games, but the vast majority does not want to see those topics constantly presenting themselves in the VNC area. The Word Game threads tend to overwhelm our other, more important content. I took care of this in the past by simply telling that forum (in the ACP settings) that it was not allowed to appear in the VNC.

There are no such settings in IPS 4, and I believe them to be crucial, especially in light of the fact that the "filter results by forum" settings in the VNC area do not "stick."

I have chosen those settings - "filter results by forum" - in my own account several times now and they are continually forgotten by the software.  IPS support has told me that


The filter in question doesn't store persistent "preferences" that you are seeking, and would need to be applied each time a user visited the VNC

I'm sorry, but it is ridiculous to have it programmed that way. We have 120-150 forums/subforums in our community. And we only want to exclude one of them from the VNC area. There ought to be a setting for each forum (when it's created ... and then editable later, as well) allowing that forum to not show in VNC. To ask users to manually choose their preferences (in our case, choosing all forums except for one) for the VNC every time they log into their accounts is adding insult to injury. There's not even a way, when choosing our VNC preferences to SHIFT > click and choose all subforums in the list and then CTRL > click to eliminate one. We have to click on each one individually - 120-150 forums individually! I find it hard to believe that this expectation is considered reasonable.

And if the erasing of those filter settings is because my browser erases cookies every time I close it, then it only serves to make the point that a setting like this should not be dependent on cookies - another reason why the most effective way to exclude something from the VNC area is via the ACP forum settings.

Now, having said all of that, I know that VNC (as we know it) is going away in 4.1.  The Activity Streams are touted as highly customizable and user friendly.  So my feedback here is more like feedback with a question attached:

The filters in IPS 4's VNC are not effective.  There needs to be an option in the ACP for excluding or including a forum, subforum, gallery, what-have-you, from or in the VNC area.

Has this issue been fixed in 4.1?  Will Activity Streams (with all pertinent preferences) actually "stick" without depending on cookies or a browser cache?  If so, I and the rest of our community will be thrilled!!  If not, then please, Invision, consider these comments and fix this problem.

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