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Changing already inserted image in post


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When I am creating or editing a post and I double click on an already inserted image (image from URL), my expectation is that I can edit the image URL from which the image is brought that displays in the post .  However, I've found, after conversing with customer service that this is not the case.

I thought that, upon double clicking on the image, I could insert the link to another image in the "Image" dialogue, "link URL" field and that the image would change to the image at the new URL. However, nothing changed in the editor. So, thinking that perhaps it would appear after submission, I submitted my edits. The post refreshed, and there was still no change to the image in the post. However, when I clicked on the image, it opened another window with the image I inserted in the "link URL" field.  One image in the post, but a different one in the new window.

Customer service assures me that this is the way it was designed to work (and I appreciate their answering my questions), but I believe it's badly implemented. It should be simple, intuitive to switch out an image when editing a post by double clicking on the image, instead of having to go through extra steps like making sure the image is highlighted, clicking on the dropdown menu "Insert other media," choosing "Insert image from URL," and only then being able to specify another desired image file. The double click on the image should present the user with the ability to change that image. The other more specialized image options in the "Image" dialogue are great, but the basic option to change what image is displayed in the post should not be left out.


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Can't reproduce the problem of double clicking on an already inserted image and not being able to change that image in the dialogue?

Insert any image into a post.  Then double click on it, with the intent of changing the image.  There are no options that allow that.  The "Link URL" field allows you to put in a URL so that, when the image in the post is clicked on, a new page with the image at that URL is displayed.  It might be the image you put in the post; but it could also be a different one - whatever you choose.  That kind of option is fine.

But I believe there should be an option (in the dialogue that appears when double clicking on an image) for changing the image that is actually displayed in the post.

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