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Some problem with session check in acp and also with recaptcha2. maybe caused by ssl?


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i have some problem with bad ip/session in My acp. To work fine i need to disable check in security setting.

i've also an issue with recaptcha2.

both problem after ssl with cloudflare.

so, i don't Know if is a problem by ssl, or by cloudflare cdn.

other with cloudflare can test to confirm this issue?

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edit: After many test and,googlesearch i've found is not an,ssl problem, but a cloudflare issue with ipb and other People have same issue: https://m.facebook.com/CloudFlare/posts/10151463361235432

so, i can disable for *register and *contact, but maybe other pages can require guest recaptcha. cause of it i need another way to bypass or is necessary to disable :/

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