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Disable browser notifications?

Marcher Technologies

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I'm most likely in the minority, but thought it best to post and see other's opinions.

Basically, If I wanted an instant notification of every little thing to happen on this site, I would use email notifications. I used to use inline for things I could review later, and did not need to be notified about right this instant, distracting me from anything I might be doing at that moment(read: code....).

Now, I have no choice but to either deal or simply disable all notifications. My email client will notify me like the browser notification does whenever I get an email, so the browser notifications, for me, are annoying. I would very much like to see a per-account preference to disable browser notifications, or at least make them a separate option from inline.

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9 minutes ago, abetts said:

How do you enable them in the first place please? I think it's an ace feature! 

If your browser supports them (not all do, but Chrome, Firefox & Safari do; mobile support is patchy), it'll prompt you the first time you log in. If you missed it or accidentally said no, click the same icon I showed Marcher to change your choice :) 

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