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Feedback on Profile: Various Suggestions

Joel R

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In no particular order or importance:

  • See my activity -- Won't this duplicate the default Activity tab?   I really don't see the need for a profile's Activity tab when a custom Activity Stream can be constructed with much better options and filtering.  
  • Who I Follow -- I often wish, while browsing profiles in the IPS community, who they follow to determine who they consider as their "thought leaders" and major figureheads. Clicking on the widget can also be used to manage who I follow.  Consideration should be given to users who don't wish to disclose who they follow.
  • Rank -- would be nice to link to a built-in ranking page, so members can see the different ranks as encouragement to 'level up.'  Also, I've posted feedback that users should receive notifications on achieving a new rank or reputation level.  
  • Animation for See my activity -- What benefit does the animation provide?  I find it to be non-value added.  
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