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Password protect commerce groups and hide groups visibility


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I would like to be able to hide commerce groups from being visible to member groups. What is the point in members being able to see the groups if they can't see the products inside them?

I would also like to password protect some groups. That way I can send a link to a potential advertiser and they can see all the advertising packages available to purchase, but members can't see these items.

Advertisers are generally not members of the forum yet, and It's currently not viable to only allow guests to see these packages as then any member can see the prices advertisers pay.

Please can you add these features in commerce

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12 minutes ago, socceronly said:

What's a commerce group?

I was about to start doing this with an upgrade to 4 in November but haven't looked at it yet.

So I am curious about the problem/process.    Not sure I fully understand either.

It is a product category, as you would usually find on a standard ecommerce websites, different product categories.

IPB has labeled the product categories, 'groups' though. So commerce groups (commerce being the IPB app)

Hope that makes sense. 

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You can hide all the products within the category but the category banner itself is not hidden, which just looks silly. If for example you have an 'advertising' category for products for your sponsors you can hide all the items from members, but they can still see that there is an 'advertising' category and they can still click on it, just that it shows to be empty,

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