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How would I link to logout in IPB 4? 

I see the URL now has csrfKey...


Without this...

"The CSRF protection key did not match."

How do I get that csrf variable?  I don't see it in IPS\Member Object.  I just want to make a simple link that can be placed outside of IPB to log members out.


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I also noticed that it's not registering that a user is online unless they have activity within the forum... the initial signin process doesn't seem to register that the person is online.

Example, I click sign in from outside of IPB, I sign in and am forwarded back to the page where I originally clicked signin... so far so good... what it did in IPB3.x except it still appears that I'm not online.  Until I browse in the forum a little, if I look at the 'Online Users' page (for instance) it will immediately register that I'm online and then the other end of my application is able to see that the user is online.  I need a way to tell it that the person is logged in, as soon as they login so that the client details are immediately available to my application.

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