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Square Wheels

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I'm not really a fan of the new location.  It might just be the tiny print of medium gray on light gray, but it is practically invisible over there.  I don't see most of my users ever noticing it in that location.  Though, being honest, they probably were only marginally more likely to click it on the main menu.  I also don't like that all the interfacing for that stream is now on an obscure drop down menu.  Having a 'home' sort of page for the streams would be more useful for the non-power users.

 I could have sworn that was what you had...

Though, with the skinning and power of the new menu system, I presume I'll be able to tailor it with little difficulty?

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1 hour ago, Square Wheels said:

I like that the stream drop down has been moved on its own.  Could you also add a one click option for it?

And something odd has happened to the theme, it seems to be in mobile view.


Happening to me as well. Chrome 45.

Only happens in condensed mode though, not the expanded mode.

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Three notes:

1. Moving the Activity Stream to where the View New Content link was makes a lot of sense - it will be easier for people to find it and adapt.

2. Having the topic titles above who posted it and where is NICE.

3. I like the sidebars as it further highlights how useful this tool is.


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When a user likes something, unlikes, and likes again, don't show in stream again. This allows users to place something in the stream for attention whenever they want. It will surely be abused.

I tested it here. It popped up in the stream again. On my site I keep self-liking/reputation off, but it can still be abused by doing it to others' posts, and some admins keep that setting on (like here).

Side note, I really wish rep was separate from likes. Or in the least, if you allow self-likes, don't count those toward reputation. Otherwise everyone will make a post and like it just to boost their rep. They make 500 posts, they have 500 rep in the community... from themselves.


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In re to liking your own post it should not count toward the Popular Contributors box either. Liking your own post is not really an issue if that's all it does but it should not have anything to do with rep, ranking, etc. Abuse will happen so admins will just keep it off. I suggest we be able to allow it but it not count toward those things (for self-Likes), and only appear in the stream once if like/unlike/like happens. Thanks


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9 minutes ago, Rikki said:

Liking your own post is a group permission - I think it's turned off by default.

I know. :) I guess the solution is turn it off. With it on those issues are present though. Thanks

PS. It's on here and you can make your content reappear in the stream whenever you want with unlike/like, or make yourself a popular contributor by liking all your posts.

And you could unlike/like others' content as well so that's still an issue. Maybe create a function if you like something again, mark it liked, but don't treat it as new (as it will appear as new in stream every time.) ;) 



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