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Suggestion: the way Like activity is listed on the profile page


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Some members don't know reputation is the Like system, so finding the list of Likes is not intuitive (clicking the reputation box). In fact I didn't even know it could be clicked. 

When you visit a member page you see Like activity below mixed in with all the activity, in the minimized alert style (the grey alert lines). So you figure when you click See My/Their Activity, it will be there under All Activity, and also a selection on the left, but it is not. You have to click the actual reputation box, and then it takes you to a menu where All Activity is not even an option (that part may be a bug or oversight as stated, so never mind that part for now. And I also just noticed Topics is missing from the menu, only Posts is there.)

My Suggestion is, can there be a Likes option in the activity menu on the left, and the Likes can be listed in the alert style maybe (or full)? It makes sense since that is shown on the profile page, and the menu is to filter the options that already appear on your profile. I even thought a Likes menu selection in the activity menu could be listed as a redirect to the Reputation menu. At least this way it would be intuitive and not hidden.

If not a redirect, then for the more advanced post-style Likes with sections, you can click the reputation box. As it already is. But this makes sense as this is viewing a member's Reputation which is based on Likes, not viewing Likes in the activity stream of the profile.

And also it really needs to be sortable by Given/Received like in 3.4. Both lists if possible.

I hope that makes sense. If not, I suggest some sort of improvement on finding Likes given and received. Received is more important when viewing a profile.


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I was told it was a not a bug there is no All Activity or Topics. Here is the suggestion then. Thanks

  • Provide All Activity option in rep menu.
  • Provide Topics option in rep menu. (Need to be able to see Topics and Posts not just posts so members can check out the Liked topics a member made. It's also inconsistent to call them all Posts since in stream and search you list by Topics and show all.
  • Provide easier navigation to rep menu. (Hover the rep box and show a "View" link maybe?)
  • Filter Likes by Given/Received




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