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DEV - compare and notify when changes affect my hooks class functions..


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Now I for check the changes i must:

1. renew my license if it is not active

2. download products

3. upload on my IDE and use the compare tool

4. check my hooks functions...


but for future this could be reduced on:

1. go to check "hook version tool" page, it check apps version required my hook to works

2. the tool analise functions on my hooks and check history for changes occurred after last relase of my hook

3. output a string that tell to developer "it could be outdated" please check these functions:

functionA() located on ips/system/app/...js | date of first edit after hook released!

functionB() located on ...... | date of first edit after hook released!


this must be related on marketplace file uploaded!! nothing form to upload malicious file... but only check xml file!

ps: a task could action the routine of check make it automatically and flags any file "could be outdated" and notify the authors

after the first check another is sended when pass xx days until the authors confirm that plugin is ok

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