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IPB4 bbcode not rendering


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I just upgraded from 3.4 to 4 and pretty well everything seems to work, with one exception... bbcode is not rendering. Instead I just see the raw tags. It is a test install on a clone of the live server.

When I search for bbcode in admin I just get pointed at the customization toolbar.

Additionally, I can't find a place to customize bbcode.

What am I missing? How can I get the bbcode rendering? How do I add custom bbcode?



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I just reviewed it again across a number of posts. Most standard bbcode has now rendered, with a few exceptions I can live with.

None of the custom bbcode I had (such as soundcloud, or the guitar tab and chord box bbcode I had developed) works. I just get link broken messages, or the raw bbcode tag

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looking at the soundcloud posts, it even removed the base links to the soundcloud files, so I can't even go back and fix them. Thankfully this is a test install, however I will have to solve the problem before upgrading the live site... it's a music site!


Additionally, after all the work I put into the guitar box bbcode, the ability to add custom bbcode is very much needed

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