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When editing page content for an Article Database, other than the standard


in Articles content, is there a way to more finely control what is displayed on a more granular level ?

I couldn't find any documentation on this on the IPS4 Docs.

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What I am trying to do is customise the output of databases lists and records on pages.

I found a partial solution to my problem which was to create custom page templates for each of my databases.

However now I am stuck with 


which gives me a <span using specific classes. 

I'm currently trying to work out what other options for $fieldvalue I can use in order to customise the style just for those fields.

If there is some documentation on the templating language that I have missed I'd appreciate being pointed to it.


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12 minutes ago, opentype said:

You can also customize the field output there without even touching the database view templates. 

For more control, setting up category/listing/record templates for the database and then customizing them is the right way to go. 


What I have done so far is to create custom HTML templates for each database view and am customising those, because I need to change styles specifically to each view. 

I'll keep muddling through it and see how I go, thanks for the tips.

One question, is it possible to use PHP within HTML templates ?

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I am still trying to work all this out.

Is it possible for me to pass the contents of


{$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('address', 'listing')}


to PHP and perform an action on that returned data ?



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