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Priority Support Change in Fee


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When i subscribed last month to priority support  , the fee was 225$ paid one time + 25$ each 6 month

now i received an Email , saying that it will be 100$ each 6 months , and includes doing the upgrade

at the end of the Email , it is mentioned that if i do not want to continue this service i can subscribe

This is unfair change, if i stop the service , then i have paid the original 225$ for one cycle only.


1- you should allow the refund of the 225$ with the change from 25$ to 100$ fee either we want to continue of not at least for members who subscribed for only one cycle.

2- any subscription for a service should be valid for at least one year without change , in case it contains and initial subscription payment.

3- the change from 25$ to 100$ (4 times ) is not adequate

4- In general we need faster support replies either for the normal or support subscriptions.,  the main reason that i subscribed to the priority support is that normal support takes long time to reply , please look into enhancing this for both.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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