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Feeds on multilingual sites


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Thank you, IPS, for the customisable feed widgets that were added in a recent update. I think they're ace! There's just one problem from the perspective of a multilingual site:


Titles can only be in one language. In this instance, I created the feeds when using language 2 and so those are the titles being used. (Ignore that the content happens all to be in English - we haven't opened our site to the public yet and are using uniquely English amongst ourselves, although this will change and we'll be using two languages soon.)

This is a bugbear for me with widgets in general anyway; why can't we give them language-specific titles? They have language-specific names when we're creating them and saving them behind the scenes, after all. Couldn't the names be used in a multilingual environment if, for some reason, using language-specific titles in the block manager isn't possible?

Please give it some thought, if you could. I love my site, especially because of the almost seamless transition between languages. But this is a glaring hole and I can't imagine it would be difficult to fix, given everything else that changes depending on language. Thanks!

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