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Activity Stream - Allow End User to Pin Custom Stream to Navigation Bar(s)

Ocean West

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It would be great if there was a checkbox to allow the end user to pin their ( one or more - ACP limited by permission or group ) custom menu to the second level (or - top level) navigation bar. 

In the current implementation the admin has forced the experience (in the case here - All Activity)- I would say my users may think it's just too much noise and it is the default for this site.

Once they customize their setting and choose it as a default or move it to the top of the list clicking the main Activity tab would execute their custom stream.

Unless admin's make make a stream (i.e. recreate the VNC) that best suits the community and moves it to the top level navigation all other implementations require multiple clicks or dig thru a sub menu - which could increase load to the site because the users first choice did not yield the desired results, forcing them to make yet another query.


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Yes something like, they mark one as their favorite and it moves to a dedicated tab (or swaps with All Activity?) and creates a new icon on mobile.

Or enable save ability on default streams, per stream, and we could enable them to save one, that we have already put in a new tab.

I made similar suggestions here:


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If they could save All Activity it may solve it but I think the idea is to not have them filter anything out and to always show everything by default. It's a good idea for discovery.

To be honest once you remove all of the alerts in admin, in condensed view, All Activity is a pretty good default stream. Hopefully we can define the default view state.

You know you can remove all this in admin. Then it is basically a VNC.



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