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Advertising in multiple forums

Samantha Smith

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I need to be able to add different banners at the top of multiple pages, forums and sub forums. Now i started off with the advertisement feature IP Board has to offer but gives me the same add across all pages (will get to the custom location in a second) and that's not what i wanted. Then just tried doing custom blocks and add one to each page. Whilst this worked for all my pages, when it comes to forums, the forums (home) page itself can be edited with a custom block in footer and will have no effect on forums/sub forums/topic. However when inserting a custom block/ad into any one of the specific forums/sub forums it effects all of them.

My question,

Through the advertisement app on IPB 4 how do i control a custom location? Can i have multiple different ad's across all sub forums and forums (different add per forum/sub forum)? if not is there an app to help me? I downloaded a $30 but turned out to be for ipb 3 and the dude making it has not given a date just the fact it's in development.


If reading, thanks for your time

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