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Need help with external blocks


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I've been using blocks with IPB3 to export the first post of the latest topic with custom CSS to a website.


This was done using 

  <script type='text/javascript' src='http://boards.openpandora.org/external.php?id=20&amp;k=b0e48a2b6c2bc6695d1fb4e7cc68bf7a&amp;method=div' id='block-b0e48a2b6c2bc6695d1fb4e7cc68bf7a'></script>

Now I'm trying to do the same thing with IPB4 - but I've run into some issues...

1. It totally ignores the setting which forum I want to use to view the post
2. How can I select that it will not show the LAST post in that forums, but only the FIRST post of the LATEST Topic in that forum?
3. How can I exclude that created block in an external website?

This is an example how it looked before:

I want to achieve the same thing again.
Any help?

Thanks in advance :)

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